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Friday, September 17, 2010

Mud, Sweat & Tears Adventure Race

Start and finish at the 41st & Riverside Shelter (QuikTrip Plaza)
The Sprint Adventure Race will consist of running, mountain biking, team problem solving, and conoeing. Two person teams may consist of male, female, or so-ed teams. Teams will follow a pre-marked course. Compass reading and orienteering will not be neccessary. There will be 6-10 miles of trail & River Trail running/trekking, 15-20 miles of trail and River Trail biking, 1-3 miles of river canoeing. Teams will consist of 2 person Coed, All Male, or All Female. Expected race length should be 3-5 hours.

1. Start at 41st/Riverside Park (8:00 AM)
2. Three legged race or other activity to spread the field. (about 15 -25 min)
3. Teams get race maps
4. Bike to pedestrian bridge, cross, then go north on West river trail to boat drop down by park below skate park. CP #1
5. Canoe to marked check points. CP # 2-5
6. Check out after canoe CP # 6
7. Bike following marked course to 11th/riverside to Route 66 bridge. CP # 7
8. Take Cady trail north to park CP #8
9. At Bok Center, stop and get CP # 9 (on the south side of the road)
10. Follow 3rd street to downtown, take left on Brady go to Lee’s store. CP # 10
11. Check in at 41st/Riverside (start/finish area) CP # 11
12. Fasted bike down boulder to river trails, get on trails ride to 71st Riverside CP # 12
13. Go to play area at Turkey Mountain, get CP at bouldering area. CP # 13
14. Bike following marked trail to top of mountain CP #14
15. Bike following marked trail back and forth to sitting rock and then down to Pepsi Pond CP# 15
16. Check-in at Y CP #16
17. Do Teams challenge.
18. Follow marked single track running trail. CP # 17 – 20
19. Check out at Y CP # 21
20. Bike following marked paved road out Y parking lot to River trails. Go North on River trail to Pedestrian Bridge. Drop bike or bike off the south Fishing bridge and get CP # 22
21. Bike south on East River trails to 41st/Riverside to finish. CP # 23

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