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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Adventure Race Results

After a quick meeting the race started out with a 3 legged race and then we got on the bikes. We headed north on Riverside to the pedestrian bridge. We got into canoes on the Arkansas river on the west bank. I got into the front of the canoe and Keagan got in the back and we flipped the canoe. We were wet from the start of the race. We canoed 2.5 miles and got 5 checkpoints on the river. We got back on the bikes and went to west Tulsa before going downtown to Lee's bicycles. Next checkpoint was at Ascent on 15th and Peoria. We went back to the start at 41st and Riverside to do a 15 word cross word puzzle. At this point Keagan and I are in 6th place overall. We had to go south to 71st and then over the river into Turkey Mountain. We had to go to the top of the yellow trail. At some point on that trail ride Keagan does a flip on his bike and knocked himself out. We continued to Pepsi lake, Keagan felt dizzy and sick the whole time. The 4 miles of trail running turned into just finishing. We finished the race but, by this point all that mattered was that Keagan was alright. He ended up with a terrible headache. I had a blast overall and think we had a chance of placing if the accident didn't happen. These races can be very dangerous and I'm just grateful we can do it again next year. Our finish time was around 4 1/2 hours.

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