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Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Journey up Mount Lincoln 14291 ft

Mt Lincoln is the 8th highest mountain in Colorado and is the county high point for Park County. It is usually climbed after Mt Democrat and before Mt Bross as many climbers like to bag all three the same day. Any of the 3 mountains are pretty easy on their own... but doing all three in a day does require some effort. This was the funnest of the three with a nice little knife like ridge leading out to the summit. From the Democrat/ Cameron saddle it is a Class 2 hike right up the west ridge. There is some exposure, but little danger. Somewhere along the line I remember that this mountain was named for President Lincoln to get back at the Democrats for naming the sister mountain Mount Democrat... just a little trivia.

Info from Summit Post

I started to see clouds build after I left the summit of Mount Democrat. I picked up the pace to get to the top of Mount Lincoln.

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