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Friday, August 6, 2010

My Journey up Mount Democrat 14152 ft

Mount Democrat is a Class 2 mountain from the most popular Kite Lake traihead. It is the 29th highest peak in Colorado. The normal route starts at Kite Lake at approximately 12,000 feet. The obvious trail starts with a long slow ascent until getting to the base of the mountain. The well marked trail takes you to the saddle between Democrat and Mt Cameron and then starts to switchback as you turn left (heading south west) to start the climb up the east ridge of the mountain. The trail narrows and there is a bit of scree, but nothing significant. A false summit awaits the climber, only to find the real summit maybe a couple hundred yards farther and a couple hundred feet higher. Descent by the same route unless you plan to climb Mt Lincoln next. If that is your plan descend to the saddle and then back up the other side past Mt Cameron to the Lincoln summit.

Info from Summit Post

I drove up to the Kite Lake trailhead and camped. It rained all night until midnight, then again at 3 am. I woke up at 5 am saw a break in the clouds and went for it. The small streams coming down the mountain had turned into rivers. It was a blue bird day as I hit the peak.

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