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Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Journey up Mount Bross 14,172 ft

Mt Bross is the 22nd highest of the Colorado 14er's and is essentially a Class 1 hike from Mt Lincoln, however, the descent is mostly a class 2 scree descent. It is usually climbed after Mt Democrat and Mt Lincoln by climbers who want to bag 3 peaks in a day. The trailheads are the same for Bross as for Mt Democrat and Mt Lincoln, with Kite Lake being the most popular trailhead. If you climb Bross from the Kite Lake trailhead and skip Democrat/ Lincoln then the hike is a 2.8 mile hike with 2170 feet elevation gain and is a class 2 hike. Mt. Bross is a cake walk after Mt Democrat and it is only a slight descent and a slight climb from Mt Lincoln. The summit is just an over sized gently rolling hill top. Concrete bunkers to protect from the wind are about the only way to even determine the summit as the summit is flat and broad. By far the easiest of the 3 mountains usually climbed together. The descent was the most fun part. The trail back to Kite Lake seems to disappear and people were going down all different routes. The descent is over scree so be careful of falling rocks and other climbers above and below you.

Info from Summit Post

I got rained on all the way back to the car after this summit pic.

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