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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

NGCF's "Get Dirty" Games

3 Workouts/1 Day!


On Saturday, August 22nd, Next Generation CrossFit will be hosting an informal, yet competitive, 3-event competition followed up by a big CrossFit party afterwards!
Award to NextGenerationCrossFit's fittest male and female will be given to those with the best accumulative times for all three workouts. Anyone is welcome to compete or volunteer!

Workout #1 - 7am Turkey Mountain Trail Run (approximately 4-mile train run) located at Turkey Mountain in Tulsa, OK. Race instructions will be given from 7:00-7:10am. Race starts at exactly 7:15am on the dot, so be sure to allow ample time to warmup (6:30-7:00am) and hear course instructions.

Workout #2 - 12pm "The Dirty Thirty" at Next Generation CrossFit. This workout will consist of 10 exercises, 30 reps each, for time (similar to the "Filthy Fifty" workout). The workout will be posted on Friday, August 21st.

Workout #3 - 5pm "Tulsa's 2nd Annual Mud Run" (2-mile obstacle course through mud). This workout will be held by Runners World at Chandler Park in Tulsa, OK.

Event #4 - 8pm CrossFit Party at Dr. Todd and Melissa's house! Food, beer, swimming pool and guaranteed good time. Fittest Male and Female Awards will be announced here. Directions to their house will be handed out on the day of.

1) Confirm that you would like to compete or volunteer via email ASAP. You can do that here.
2) Make sure to register with Runners World for the Mud Run. Click on link above to register.
3) Print all directions if unsure where they are located. Click on highlighted links above for directions.
4) If you are not a current NGCF member, you will need to fill out a waiver and turn it in along with any donation by 7am on Sat., 22nd.

For the first two workouts and the party we are asking for a minimum suggested donation of $10 per person to cover food, drink, equipment, etc.
For the Mud Run race, you can register for $25 in advance at Runners World or online, or $30 if you pay at the race.
In addition to contestants, we will need a bunch of people to help out with the first and second workouts to make it a fun and successful day! Examples may be standing at different points on the trail to guide runners, people to run stopwatches, hand out drinks, judge form, etc. All in all, it should be a BLAST getting everyone together from all CF gyms everywhere and doing what we do best. Please come be a part!
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