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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Benefits of Yoga for the CrossFitter

The benefits of yoga are unlimited. The obvious is the increased flexibility throughout the muscular system, but there is so much more. The CrossFitter can benefit by increasing mobility in the joints, thus increasing range of motion for overall enhanced performance. The CrossFitter will be able to reach farther, fall harder while preventing and minimizing injuries because their muscles have a memory (like a rubber band) from the deep stretching obtained in practicing yoga on a regular basis. Without stretching CrossFit is good at increasing strength and muscle mass but, it dramatically decreases flexibility. However, if yoga or other types of prolonged stretching are practiced in combination with CrossFit injury can be minimized. With yoga, a CrossFitter will not only increase flexibility but also increase poise and balance from the practice of the yoga balancing poses. This type of balancing will enhance CrossFit performance by enabling the athlete to prevent falls because of his heightened awareness of his bodies center place. When balancing poses are mastered the athlete is then conditioned to unconsciously recover from any imbalances their body may experience, staying centered in action, moment by moment during a WOD.

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