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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

3 Hour Tatur Snake Run

On March 22nd is the 3 hour Snake Run again. I usually cover anywhere between 12-16 miles in the 3 hours. Kiah my dog also runs this race with me. One year I had to carry her out the last mile because she decided she was done.

This is a "timed event", as opposed to a "set distance" run. It's on a 3.75 mile out-and-back (2.1 miles out, 1.65 miles back) single track trail. There is very little elevation change, and the trailz are easy--as compared to most of the other trailz on Turkey Mountain. The challenge is to see how far you can run in three or six hours.
Near the end of your time, if you do not have time to run another out-and-back, there is a half mile adjoining loop where you can run right up to the end of the 6 or 3 hours to tack on extra mileage.
The race is limited to 275 runners. After the race is filled, we will start a waiting list in case there are no-shows on race day.
SIX Hour race starts at 9:00 AM sharp. THREE Hour race starts at 9:15 sharp.
This race is part of the Oklahoma Dirt Trail Race Series.

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