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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Football Field Workouts

Running Football Field Lines: This will improve how well you change direction, and your quickness over a short distance. Line up on the goal line and sprint to the 10-yard line and back, then sprint to the 20 and back, to the 30 and back, to the 40 and back, and finish by sprinting to the 50.

You start at one corner of the field. Sprint from end line to endline then jog the rest of the lap. The next lap you’d sprint endline to mid field, then jog the rest of the lap. Each lap add a 50 yard segment to the sprint until you’ve sprinted a full lap, then work your way back down.
By the time you’re done you’ve completed about a 3 mile run with a 1 mile sprint (if my math is right)


 Sprint 100 yards and do 25 pushups. sprint 100 yards, do 25 sit ups, sprint 100 yards, do 25 squat jumps, sprint 100 yards, do 25 burpees, bear crawl 100 yards.

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