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Monday, May 31, 2010

Event Recap: South Central Regionals

The following report comes from Jeff Tucker of GSX Athletics on this weekend’s South Central Regional. See final results here

Hell's Half Acre was on fire this weekend with performances for the South Central Regional from these incredible athletes in spite of the Texas sun bearing down on GSX, with temperatures reaching 106.6 in the full heat of the day. By the end, after the awards came and the crowds started to disperse the Gods took pity on all of those in attendance with some soothing cool rain.

But before the rains could close the final ceremonies and the last recognition was handed out - all in attendance bore witness to every athlete giving of themselves completely on every event. Not one athlete left room for doubt, each male and female stepped up and performed until their reserves were tapped on every workout.

At the end of the weekend’s events, the top athletes and teams separated themselves from the rest of the pack. With no cuts made prior to the final event – all individuals were able to make their mark for one final attempt to stand on the podium and it was epic! Consistency and overallall skills from the full range of movements combined with strength was the deciding factor. Those with the fewest overall weaknesses in their training rose to the top of the score boards.

For me – the spectacle was seeing our community gather, and fellowship that ensues as we cheered on those dedicated people who give so much of themselves for the passion of CrossFit.

Masters, Individuals, and Teams - we congratulate all the athletes that secured their spot at the finals in LA!

Qualifying Men
1. Vic Zachary
2. Breck Berry
3. Chase Ingraham
4. Deric Maruquin

Qualifying Women
1. Candice Ruiz
2. Whitney Welsch
3. Jen Cardella
4. Jessica Sharratt

Qualifying Teams
1. CrossFit Central
2. CrossFit Albuquerque
3. CrossFit Dallas Central
4. CrossFit Denton County
5. Body Armor
6. CrossFit Strong
7. CrossFit Sky
8. Get Lifted

I placed 18th overall

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