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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Great CrossFit Coaches

Being a great CrossFitter is great and all. Getting your level 1 is a start. Neither would automatically merit you a job in a gym. Being a great CrossFitter does not mean you are a great coach. Being newly level 1 certified does not mean you are a great coach. Really loving CrossFit does not make you a great coach. Experience makes you a great coach, and there’s really no way to fast track that fact. Hours and hours of training people is what makes a great coach. Experience working with clients and getting them results. Experience generating respect with people and getting them to positively change their behavior. Surrounding yourself with more experienced coaches than yourself helps make a great coach. Being humble and aware of your strengths and weaknesses and the desire to continually learn are all components of a great coach. I've been coaching for about 10 months and I keep learning everyday. I have learned from all these great coaches in the pictures.

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