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Friday, September 11, 2009

Static Stretches

In static (or passive) stretch, the muscle is extended as far as it can comfortably go and is held in that position. I usually spend the last 5 minutes after a CrossFit WOD in about 8 of these stretches. This is probably the Safest Type of Stretching. Static stretching involves gradually easing into the stretch position. You may hold each stretch from 10 to 30 seconds.
Static stretches are more appropriate for your cool-down exercises. Still, you can do a light static stretch during your warm-up. After your cool-down, while your muscles are still warm, you can stretch more aggressively. I practice Yoga at least four times a week, but after every WOD I put my mini twist on stretching. There is no universal stretch for everything. Just try different things on different days. Watch my Yoga CrossFit videos and hold the streches 30 seconds on each side. I hope all this information I provide encourages CrossFitters to stretch more.

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