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Monday, September 21, 2009

CrossFit KB Cert

The weekend was time well spent with the great KB expert Jeff Martone. I have a video of Jeff juggling, doing the helicopter, and flipping a 53lb kettlebell, but was unable to load it. Well to my surprise the certification focused some on joint mobility and flexibility. Necks, Shoulders, Elbows, Wrist&Fingers, Spine, Hips, and Knees as a warm-up for the kettlebells. Most of these stretches relate back to my Yoga belief, that everyone needs it before and after a CrossFit WOD. After two days of training we had to take a Kettlebell Performance Test. We had to do 5-10 reps for every exercise and perform it correctly.

-Russian KB swing
-Power KB swing
-American KB swing
-Single arm KB swings(L&R)
-KB swing release(2 hands)
-Half rotation switch
-H2H swing switch
-Floor press(single arm)
-Floor press(2 KBs)
-Arm-bar stretch
-Dead hang clean
-Swinging clean(single arm)
-Swinging clean(2 KBs)
-Military Press
-Push press
-Thrusters(2 KBs)
-Front Squat

Upon the 1 hour successful completion we received our certificates. I met a lot of cool like minded people and enhanced my own skills.

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