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Monday, July 13, 2009

Today's WOD

I usually don't post what my WOD's are everyday. Usually because I train day in and day out and I want to educate and help people with different issues. I started blogging about 3 months ago and I enjoy the feedback I get, so I keep blogging. Today I went to Next Generation Crossfit at 11 am Lunch class. I worked on my Snatch technique. Everything is in place and I played with different weights. I worked on my technique and my speed through the middle. 20+ reps is a workout within it's self. Then the NGCF WOD was "Fran". I helped the first group go through their WOD and then decided to jump in the second group. I own a "Fran" time of 2:57 and I decided to modify. I did Thrusters 95lb and Dips with a time of 4:10. I really think that we had a great vibe at CF today. We had 14 people in our class and really pushed hard at what we did. Our NGCF box is like my extended family and all the people that workout there are amazing people.

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