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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tatur Estim8tur 2009

Finally a race that any of you can win! Yes that's right, even the slowest spud out there has a good chance of coming in first place at this race. How you ask? Here's how. The kicker is that every participant will be stripped of their watches, phones, iPods, Garmins, sundials, and any other device that could be used to tell time with. By then, you will have submitted the time that you think it will take you to run the eight or four mile course. For example, you may think that you can usually maintain a 12 minute/mile pace for eight miles, so you would write down 96 minutes and 16 seconds (bathroom break). The winner will be the one whose actual finishing time is closest to their estim8ed finishing time. Your time may be faster or slower than the estim8ed time. All participants will wear their estim8ed finshing times on their backs. We will then send you off and the winner will be the one whose finishing time is closest to their predicted time. As you pass or get passed, try not to let this influence your pace, or then again, maybe you should let this influence your pace.
Course Description
The race will be eight miles or four miles (measured by a Garmin 205) but you will not know the course till race morning. TOP SECRET !!! We can tell you that you will not be able to run it as fast as you can a normal road race. We also welcome any of you to go to Chandler Park and pre-run some of the roads and trails that are out there. We will also tell you that there will be no part of the trail that you will be in danger of falling off a bluff. This race will be eight miles or 4 miles on a course that you will not know until race time. It will have some road, some grass, some park trails, some single track dirt trails, some beautiful rock bluffs, scenic vistas. While trail shoes will help you, they are not neccesary. If you were one of those lucky ones who got into the first Esim8ur in 2008, this course will be similar in difficulty. The race begins 7:00am on Sunday June 7th.
I estimated my 4 mile time to be 37:14 which is 9:18 miles. I finished in 36:14 which is 9:03 miles. I was exactly one minute too fast. Last year I ran the 8 mile race and I was two minutes faster than my estimated time. I guess next year I will be right on. The course was fun and somewhat challenging running through the bluffs.

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