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Sunday, September 6, 2009

CrossFit Level 1: Day 2

I learned a ton about CrossFit this weekend.
-what fitness is and how it’s defined
-the importance of technique
-the super-importance of proper nutrition
-how to progressively teach all important functional movements
-spot and correct errors in those movements
-and of course, how to correctly perform them.
Crossfit lives up to its word and it does as it says and says as it does. I like the foundation, principles, elements, and fusion of these things. In reality it did not reinvent the wheel but took a ton of great parts and put them into an awesome package that delivers results. If your goals are to be fit across the board and be able to play with your kids, run with your friends, do some gymnastic moves like pull-ups or handstands, lift some heavy weights and you love variety, community and self competition then you have found a great system. I give a big applause to the Coaches who ran the show this weekend, they did an excellent job of explaining and representing the system. I look forward to contributing to the community through my better coaching.