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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Discomfort & Yoga

In yoga, we get up close and personal with our own discomforts. By observing dispassionately, we are able to discern discomfort from injury. It’s a crock of lies to say that yoga is always soft-gentle-om-shanti. Tearing through scar tissue hurts! Creating flexibility in once-tight hips requires borederline pain. Does this mean that we’re injuring ourselves? No. It’s therapy, its uncomfortable, and it will go away. Wanna know what else will go away? That voice that tells you “I’m not able to do another airsquat.” Lies– It will go away! Yoga as it is teaches us that sometimes you have to go through the hard to get to the sweet. We can learn something about ourselves in these challenges. In Crossfit, as in yoga, this lesson helps us learn what will be strengthening and therapeutic without becoming injurious. Best of all? When applied to crossfit, you can use this particular lesson to help keep a 1:40 split the whole way through– and knowing you’ll be better for it by the end.

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