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Thursday, April 3, 2014

CrossFit T-Town is very excited to announce Tulsa’s first annual Olympic Weightlifting Meet on Saturday April 12, 2014.

The meet will begin at 8:00 am on Saturday morning and each lifter will be given three attempts to reach a max snatch and clean and jerk weight. Divisions are broken down by age and weight class. This meet is a USAW sanctioned weightlifting meet however you do not have to be USAW registered athlete to compete. The cost is $45 for USAW members and $50 for non USAW members. We are capping attendance at 30 people so do not delay, make sure to register today.
Download the T-Town Oly Open Registration form here: Oly Meet Registration
Competitions are broken down by age and weight. Age and weight classes are below:
School AgeJuniorSeniorMasters
17 and under18-2021-3435 and above
Competition age is based on the athlete’s birth year. Determine your age on December 31, and that is your competition age for that year. Example for 2011: An athlete born in 1994 has a competition age of 17 and is a School Age athlete. An athlete born in 1993 has a competition age of 18 and is a Junior athlete.
What are the weight classes?
50 kg*56 kg62 kg69 kg77 kg85 kg94 kg105 kg105+ kg
110 lbs*123 lbs136 lbs152 lbs169 lbs187 lbs207 lbs231 lbs231+ lbs
44 kg*48 kg53 kg58 kg63 kg69 kg75 kg75+ kg
97 lbs*105 lbs116 lbs127 lbs138 lbs152 lbs165 lbs165+ lbs
*indicates a weight class only available to youth athletes
How do weight classes work?
You need to weigh-in at or below your weight class. If you are a male who weighs-in at 84kg, you will be in the 85kg weight class. If you weigh-in at 85.1kg, you will be in the 94kg weight class.
A little background on how an Olympic Weightlifting Meet is run: 
The athlete gets three attempts in the Snatch, followed by three attempts in the Clean & Jerk. At the start of competition, the athlete will give the officials his or her opening weight for each of the lifts. The athlete’s opening weight should be a relatively easy weight, something the person knows he or she can successfully complete. Order is essentially broken down by weight on the bar, with broader divisions based on the above mentioned age and weights. Within an athlete’s weight class, the athlete will be going in order based on bar weight. When the athlete’s name is called, they have 1 minute to lift, and they will get a warning at 30 seconds. After the athlete completes the opening attempt, they give the judges their next weight attempt. Order will continue to progress by weight on the bar. Sometimes depending on the second weight the athlete chooses to attempt, they might be following themselves and if this is the case, they will have 2 minutes instead of 1. If the athlete misses an attempt, their options are to either repeat at the same weight, or go up – there is no going down in weight!
If you have any questions please feel free to contact Christina Merlo at or call 314-210-0964. We look forward to see you at this great event!

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