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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Power Balance /True or Fiction?

This is an article I read from CrossFit One World

I personally wear a Power Balance and have been for 8 months. It could all be in my head or just a cool fashion statement. Who cares? I still wear it. Read the story and post your comments. I agree there is only one secret: hard work!

Last weekend, I called a friend I had not spoke to in quite some time. After a little catching up, he starts talking to me about "Power Balance." He tells me it's a "computer chip" you wear on your body that links with your body's "energy field." If you wear the Power Balance band, you will have more flexibility, balance, and strength. Of course, I started laughing out loud. My buddy tells me to go to the Power Balance website and check out all the athletes that are wearing the Power Balance band. When I told him, "You mean the athletes that are being paid to wear the Power Balance band?," I can tell he is getting offended. I just couldn't help myself... I was still laughing. My buddy tells me they have a test you can do with your flexibility and when you wear the Power Balance band, your flexibility totally increases. Again, I start laughing. He tells me, "I got two of them for $49.99. Normally they are $29.99 each." By this time, my laughter is uncontrollable. I tell him not to be too upset that he got ripped off for $50. He hung up on me.

The whole ordeal left a sour taste in my mouth. Obviously, I was bummed that I ticked off my friend. He can't help it.... he is like most people. They want an easy way to get fit or healthier. The fitness and supplement industry feed on people like this. Offer people something that will make them better with the least amount of work. This is how smart business people get rich. The Power Balance band is simply a hologram sticker on a rubber band. Nothing more, nothing less. I knew this before I even researched it. Get some athletes to endorse your product and you are on the way to easy money. Go look at the Power Balance test video. I couldn't believe it. It is almost identical to the test that some guy selling ionized water had me try. Ridiculous!!!

The sham is everywhere. Bowflex.... Really?? A few minutes a day and I will look like that guy in the commercial!! Mona Vie.... an ounce or two of fruit juice a day that will make me healthier!! MaxGXL... a pill pack once a day that makes my body better!! All of this stuff for easy installment payments or about $100 a month.


Do you really want to be healthier? Eat better and exercise a bit. Holy shit..... I just gave you the simplest and easiest way to get healthier and fitter for FREE!!!! Think about what you are buying into if you go for the get healthy/fit quick products: Don't change your lifestyle in anyway, but buy the product and you will be healthier and fitter in no time at all!

Change your diet folks. I don't care if you supplement your diet, but for the most part, everything that we need to be healthier can be found in the food we eat. Get the food dialed in, then add some easy exercise. You will want to increase your exercise regimen when you start to feel better...

Don't fall for the snake oil sales pitch. There is no magic pill or a six minute a day program that will get you healthier or fitter.

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