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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Push Press Faults

3 common faults

1Chest too far forward This error occurs as an athlete is lowering into the dip position. Usually, it's caused by dipping too low. Remember, the dip is very shallow - only slightly bending the knees and hips, resulting in a 2-3" dip.

2Pause at bottom of the dip Pausing in the bottom of the dip blunts the power of the push press. By having a quick turnaround at the bottom of the dip, you are ensuring a higher power output.

3Muting the hip A muted hip occurs when an athlete dips by only bending the knees, not the hips. We typically see this fault later in workouts when an athlete becomes fatigued and attempts to rely on the quads to get the job done. To fix this, think about pushing your butt back as you dip. Remember: hips = power!

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