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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CrossFit Yoga Related

If you don't have good body awareness, strength in bodyweight exercises or flexibility, then I think yoga is the best place to start. A good ashtanga class will force you to control your own body through many poses that will improve your strength, flexibility, balance, breathing and overall body awareness. Seriously, don't dismiss it until you've tried a 90 min ashtanga class with all the jump forwards and jump backs. In a typical ashtanga class you have to go from hands and feet in upsidedown V position (downward dog) to jumping your legs through your hands to a seat on the floor and then lifting up (L sit) and drawing your legs back between your hands (tuck planche or pike handstand) kicking your feet back to the bottom of a pushup dozens of times. Since I have been practicing olympic lifts, I find the bodyawareness from yoga helps tremendously when I have to straighten my back, drive through my heels and keep my shoulders back and over my heels. Learning how to make minor alignment adjustments in the body is emphasized a great deal in yoga practice. Yoga is for everyone whether or not they want to do it. It will probably help you live longer and happier. Part of the crossfit mantra is "Regularly learn and play new sports"

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