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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Here are 10 reasons Dad's should exercise...

Here are 10 reasons Dad's should exercise...

1.Exercising will give you more energy to play with your kids. Exercise increases your energy level by boosting your metabolism. Not only will you have more energy to play with your kids, you can actually use the play time as part of your exercise program. Going out and playing a game of tag, kick ball or dodgeball can actually be part of your exercise program and the extra energy you get from it will make you want to play with your kids more often. Make family time play time.

2.Exercising will give you more patience.Because you're not exercising you may not feel well. You may be worn out from work. You may be down from the stresses of life. So there may be times when your kids are just being kids and you completely over-react to a situation because you're too tired and too stressed to deal with it any other way. Well, if you started to exercise, you would start to feel better and you would work off a lot of the stress you have from your day. This will leave you with more patience to deal with your kids and to be a better Dad.

3.Exercising will give you a better chance of meeting your grandchildren.Exercise is one of the best ways to help you live a long and happy life. Through exercise you can prevent health problems like high blood pressure, high sugar, obesity and more. Think of exercise as the preventive medicine your body needs to stay happy and healthy for many, many years.

4.Exercising will improve your marriage.Having more energy, stamina, and patience from exercising will benefit your marriage just as much as it will benefit your relationship with your kids. And having a better marriage will benefit the mental and emotional health of your kids. So by exercising, you can strengthen all of your family relationships.

5.You will set a proper example for your child or children.All the reasons why it's important for you to exercise, is the same reasons it'll be important for your children to exercise when they grow up. After all, your children inherit the same family genes that lead to a higher rate of heart disease. If your children grow up watching dad exercise, then you will hopefully teach your children the importance of exercising, and instill that value in them so he or she can be a healthier adult someday.

6.Increased Self-confidence. You will feel better about your self and be more self-confident.

7.New friends. You will make new friends who lead the same life style you've chosen to lead.

8.You can eat more of the foods you like. You will be able to have that beer or that slice of pizza, knowing you'll be working it off later that day or the next day when you exercise.

9.Exercise will increase job performance. Since exercise increases your metabolism, it actually will help to boost your energy. With more energy, you will be more alert in your job and you will then perform better at your job.

10.Exercise will make you happy. Studies show that people who exercise on a regular basis are happier. People who exercise are happier because they feel better about themselves, they look better and they are healthier. Plus people who exercise smile a lot more.

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