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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Eric Barber's thoughts on the CrossFit Regionals

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"Hell's Half Acre. Literally. (Whew!)
What a weekend! Brutal events, fierce competition, strict judges, 105+ degree humid heat, buzzards circling overhead, the list goes on and on. But where does one start? Well, other than ex-firefighter and diabolical Regionals host Jeff Tucker providing the crowd with free beer but charging for water all weekend, let's start with our top finisher, Chad Smith.

OK, Chad finally had his day (or days rather) by coming in 18th place overall beating out big name CF Games competitors such as Jeremy Thiel, Jason Boag and "Big Mike". In the Snatch/Overhead Squat WOD, he PR'd with 195lbs. The second Saturday WOD was a weighted "Cindy", AMRAP 10 min. He rep'd out a very steady 11+ rounds, with breaks no longer than 5 seconds. It was ungodly humid AND he had to wear a 20lb weight vest! Sunday morning on WOD 3, the crowd stood mortified as Chad took three minutes to finish his 100 double-unders. However, knowing that the dubs were his biggest weakness of the weekend, he never lost his cool and quickly sped through the thirty 275lb deadlifts, sandbag run and 1k row, tying Connor at 10:19. The fourth and final WOD was the heartbreaker for many. With super-strict form standards, this WOD DNF'd 45 of 102 athletes! Chad sailed through the event leaving everyone in the dust, finishing just behind three of the top four overall winners of Regionals!
CONGRATULATIONS CHAD! We're all so proud of you!"

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