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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fitness Trends

  1. Experienced, educated and certified trainers are what most fitness enthusiasts are looking for.
  2. Strength training. This is no longer restricted to body builders, and people are focusing more on strength training to improve overall muscle strength.
  3. Body weight training. Body weight exercises like pull-ups, push-ups, squats and planks are in.
  4. Exercise programs for childhood obesity. Need for exercises programs aimed at tackling growing rate of obesity among children is rising.
  5. Weight loss exercises. This has been a trend that has always been there and will continue to be a trend this year.
  6. Fitness programs for elderly. Many gyms are looking at expanding their customer base by targeting the aging baby boomer generation through exercises that are age-appropriate.
  7. Personal training. As an increasing number of trainers are getting certified, their services are being utilized by medical fitness and corporate wellness programs.
  8. Functional fitness. This is strength training to improve coordination, balance, endurance, force and power to perform activities of daily living effectively. These are usually aimed at older adults.
  9. Core training. It is believed that strengthening of core muscles is beneficial for all age groups and people are fast realizing the importance of having strong core muscles.
  10. Group personal training. This type of training caters to the budget-conscious health enthusiasts. There is a growing trend where personal trainers cater to a group of clients at a steep discount.

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