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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

T-Town Athlete of the Month

December Athlete of the Month(click for story)

Meet Kristine Brinlee

Each Month CrossFit T-Town will celebrate one Athlete’s incredible hard work and accomplishments. Our very first Athlete of the Month is Kristine Brinlee who joined T-Town this July. T-Town has been fortunate enough to watch Kristine’s transformation as she works her tail off every day at the gym. You may know Kristine, she frequents the 6:30 am class and always comes in with a huge smile and determination to improve herself. She never looks at the workout before she comes, instead she prefers to take on the challenge once she arrives, never shying away from a hard workout or new challenging movement. A self proclaimed “non athlete” she inspires us each morning as she picks up movements with ease and is always encouraging her fellow T-Towners when she finishes a workout first. Congratulations Kristine we are so proud of you! 

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