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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Learn to Deadlift Correctly

Do not round your back when you are just starting your lift. This will place your back in a compromised position where it could get injured. Keep midline stability, roll the shoulders back and keep big chest. Feet hips width, grip the bar and start to stand. Your arms are just ropes pulling the weight up. After you get the bar approximately 6 inches above your knees, push your hips and chest forward as you pull your shoulders back. As you do this, you will also be locking your legs. This will carry over to real life and sports well when you have to lift something heavy off the floor. This is also why deadlifts have a bad reputation: people injure themselves because they don’t lift with proper form. When you round your back during a deadlift, this increases the risk of spinal disc injuries and hernias. Use proper form when deadlifting.

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