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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Do you think you are strong?

Marvin Eder was known for his overhead pressing strength. Pound for pound he was the world's strongest man.

-Olympic press – 330lbs.
-Deep squats – 50 reps with 300lbs.
-Side laterals – reps with 120lb dumbbells.
-One-arm-chins – eight consecutively with each arm.
-Press behind neck – 305lbs.
-Bench press – 515lbs.
-Still arm pullovers – 250lbs.
-80 Pull-ups with his bodyweight and 8 reps with 200 pounds attached.
-Consecutive handstand push-ups on a horizontal ladder – 25
-Include Strict curled 210lbs at a York picnic.
-Clean and pressed 355 lbs.
-Side pressed live weight - 220lbs with left arm.
-Crucifix with 2 X 100lbs dumbbells.
-Deadlift, without practice 665lbs.
-Parallel bar dip with 434lbs, plus of course his own bodyweight of 198lbs.

Today he lives a quiet life. Now, at age 75, he only does 500 crunches every morning, and up until recently has been doing dips with 70 pounds attached and curls with a 35 pound dumbbell.

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  1. I love reading about the old strong men. They just LOOK strong and fit, not an ounce of fat on them, and to read what they ate is mindboggling. Tons of food, but it was all natural.