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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

POSE Running

Turkey Trail Run yesterday with Kiah 32:21 Using the POSE technique
I'm going to spend my weekend getting my Level 1 CrossFit certification in Allen, TX
This will be my third certification and should be a fun weekend. This weekend they will break down all the CrossFit basics and teach you to become a better coach. My first cert was the Running & Endurance cert. Since I have learned the POSE technique and my running has become so much stronger. I have applied the skills I have learned and it now has paid off with injury free running. My second cert was Olympic Weightlifting. I learned all about the Clean & Snatch. Since I have applied the skills I learned there and have become more efficient with better technique. The number one thing that I learned was if you are working out, you should eat right. Nutrition is number one above all else. If you are what you eat and eat like crap? Make smart food choices, eliminate bad foods forever and make it a lifestyle not a diet. E-mail me with any questions on Entering The Zone

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