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Friday, January 31, 2014

Advantages of Foam Rolling

•    Address Muscle Imbalance
•    Increase Joint Range of Motion
•    Decrease Muscle Tenderness
•    Maintain Normal Muscle Length

One of the most important reasons for a regular foam-rolling routine is to prevent common exercise-related injuries. Many runners, for example, become painfully well acquainted with their IT band if they don't take care to massage the band of tissue. IT band syndrome and other similar flare-ups can be caused by too-tight muscles. Foam rolling every day ensures you are massaging away lactic acid buildup in your muscles. I actually do foam rolling preworkout, and a full 7 minute session after training. Different trainers have various methods, but this works well with me. I additionally take roughly 30-60 seconds per group of muscles when I am performing a complete foam roll session.

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