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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Nimmo Strong 4/25/15 @ T-Town

You have breast cancer! You’re 31 years young and hear you have breast cancer. Those four words turned her world upside down.
On January 27, 2015 Adrianne was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. Triple negative is an aggressive form of breast cancer that comes with aggressive treatment. This battle will be long, hard and scary but giving in is NOT an option. Offense wins games, defense wins championships.
Fortunately, she has been blessed with the most amazing support system : family and friends and people she’s never met. As we all know medical bills will add up and any kind of help would be appreciated for her and her family. Let’s saddle up and show Nimmo how much we love her and support her! Any donations left over, she wants to give to another person who might be in need. Keep swimming little fish. We ALL love you.
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Come workout & Support Adrianne @ 9am or 10am Downtown Saturday, April 25th 2015


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