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Saturday, May 2, 2009

WOD #1 Heavy Grace & Row

Well here is the video of my first round of 155lb Squat Clean & Jerks. It took me 45 sec to get 10 done then I went to row 500 meters. I got off rower and did 9 more 155lb Squat Clean & Jerks and then I started to get dizzy and couldn't think straight. I was dehydrated and must have not eaten enough before WOD. I was not sweating enough and was having a hard time getting it back together. I attribute this to a few factors. I ate at 5am and then again at 8:30am, my workout time was at 10:55. Second my nerves were a little uneasy. Third hardly any water because I wasn't thirsty. I was not able to finish the WOD. I will replenish my fluids and eat some food and get ready for the next WOD at 3:50 pm. This just taught me a huge lesson: always eat enough and drink plenty of water. Stopping in the middle of this workout was beyond my control. My head was throbbing and my brain was not up to speed with my movements.

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