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Monday, May 18, 2009

Lunge Walk & Burpees

Well I woke up and decided to go to Crossfit this morning at 6am and that was a different WOD. It was a 400 meter walking lunge and 100 burpees for time. I did 25 burpees and started my walking lunge. Then about 125m into it droped down did 15 burpees. Then my strategy changed, I decided to take 4 steps then 1 burpee. I ended with a time of 20:04 and sweat my ass of in the 50 degree weather. Usally 100 burpees is a WOD and/or 400 meter walking lunge is a WOD. Combined, the burpees were the rest and walking lunge was the hard work. Great job Next Generation Crossfit.

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