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Monday, May 18, 2009

Learning as a coach

Sometimes, it is hard to let someone else tell you, you are wrong, give you instructions, criticism, or call you out on not giving your full effort. I should know. That kind of thing makes me mad. When I first started I was a good athelete, but not so good on form because I was trying to beat the clock. BUT, the reason I have improved as a CrossFitter/Coach over time is because I turn that madness into a focus on learning as much as I can and getting better. I ask everyone I meet who knows anything that might help me what I should do. I read how to books on everything, I go to certifications, I watch videos, I ask Eric, Breck, Jason, and Dutch. I watch you all and learn from seeing you work through technique issues. As your trainer, it is most satisfying for me to have great CrossFit students. It is hugely rewarding for me to share what I know with you. I love Crossfit and love helping people get better. And yet, one of the most difficult things we do is to correct you. To ask you to drop weight because you don’t have the flexibility or range of motion to be safe at the weight you want to lift. To tell you that a low fat diet is not healthy. Attending your workouts as a student, with student mentality, will get you the most out of your trainers. You might not like what I say, you might get annoyed, you might disagree. Ask me questions, play around with my suggestions. Remember that if you are frustrated with your performance and your training you can choose to turn that frustration into a quest for perfection. Require me to assist you in that quest for perfection. Catch yourself if you are turning your frustration towards your trainer. I am offering you knowledge, strategies, support, information, safety and technique. Let's work on the basics, skills and technique before we worry about getting the best time.

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