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Thursday, April 23, 2009

I did the Crossfit Football WOD today with 225lb backsquat and Box jump burpees 24". I got 30 x 225 and my time was 9:17 for 5 rds. Really liking the new website . This is a clip of my full-extension squats. Went to see the "Every second counts" movie last night. It was a great movie about the 2008 crossfit games and some of it's competitors. Sevan and Carey followed around OPT, Dutch, John, Matt, and Everett for about a week each before the games. It was inspiring for me because I am going to compete in the regional qualifier next weekend. I meet Dutch, Sevan, and Carey at the world premiere. I will definetly buy the movie when it comes out on DVD in two weeks on the CFHQ site.

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