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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Crossfit for football players

CrossFit Football is a strength and conditioning program designed for football players and participants in contact sports. Football is a game of seconds and inches. CrossFit Football knows the demands placed on players during the game and the distances they will have to travel. They can replicate the stresses and situations a player will face on the field. They combine high intensity movements with a comprehensive strength and speed program. It has been designed by NFL players and some of the top coaches in the world. Not only has it been created by top athletes, but it has been used to compete at the highest levels of professional sports. The CrossFit Football program is designed to work for all players regardless of age or experience. The loads, distances, times, intensity, and programming can be scaled, and the program has been designed to meet the needs of athletes at all levels of training advancement. Every football player needs to be strong in mind, heart and body. He needs to be fast and explosive. He needs to be able to perform when tired and exhausted. I've been trying some of these WODs and love them. Taking it to the next level, kinda like supplementing crossfit.

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